Headache vs stomach ache

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 2 comments

For the few days, I spend to search information about the companies around Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur. As I’m part of the members of TTS that in charge the sponsorships, I have to make the listing of potential companies. I never get involved in this kind of works before. Ehm..new experience for me. But, these works make me quite stressful when the coverage in the hostel quite slows (even no get at all). I spend few days especially my weekend, sat in front of my laptop to search the information. The only things that I got, headache....ah..ah..ah...I be more worried when there came the dateline(on Monday) to pass up the listing. I didn’t pass it because I not even complete it yet. (takut nyer x siap lagi). The next day of the dateline (on Tuesday), I receive one massage from the secretary to pass it and after a few hours, also from my leader (sponsor department) .....kecut perut aku.

Before that, I want to recap what happened last night (on Monday). My roommate (pieq) and I go to have our dinner after Isyak prayer, at V6 (my previous semester hostel). My dish is Nasi Goreng Biasa, while pieq ate Nasi Goreng Kampung. We already waited for few minutes, the dishes still not cooked yet. Suddenly, I heard one orchestra song, ah? Where? Oooo....from my stomach. So, pieq and I decided to eat burger, first. Not so yummy, but like pieq said “o.k la 2”. Okay, we should praise to Allah sw.t what we have. Ehm..after that..”no 203” the kakak cafe menjerit, the number of our order. Uish, at last, we could have our dinner. After that, wat pa lagi, balik la....

On Tuesday,about, 5 a.m. I felt some things wrong some where. Ah....sakit nyer perut. My roomate go out from the room and I said to myself, ”eh awal nyer bdk nie bangun”. On 6 a.m, I get prepare for my subuh prayer. And suddenly....ah........”cirit”(don't read this while you are eating). I had to go to the rest room for several times. Maybe, I got the stomachache because of food poisoning. Sakit perut den... after performed the subuh prayer...I saw my roommate seem like put some ointment to his stomach and I said to him”eh..ko sakit perut gak ke??”. “ah”,short and simple answer I got from him. So, I thought that V6 cafe already made us suffering for the whole of the day. I also used minyak gamat to reduce my ailment. While I wanted to search about the companies in Malaysia (the sponsor task), I wanted to pull out my pen drive from my laptop. Then, “splash”...I accidently pushed the minyak gamat bottle on my desk. Ayoyo...I forgot to put the cap backed....books, assignment paper (Alhamdullilah, just a few drop of it), stationery, glasses, mouse pad and.... (entah2 budak nie nk tipu ko x?). What? Headache and stomach ache in one time.

Luckily, I felt good at he the evening. No stomach aches anymore. At 5.30 p.m, I practiced my drama and I heard news from my friends. “ko tau x show kat k.l cancel?” .“aa...serius?”.He answered me back, ”ini serius?”( you can read this words use rhythm of Wonder Pets song). “what??”. Seronok nyer...I’m happy with that news because I don’t need to submit the list. But, the other way round, I’m unhappy because our team couldn’t perform at Taman Budaya Kuala Lumpur. I’m believed that every cloud has silver lightings. “segala perkara pasti ada hikmah nyer”.....

*maybe ade perkara yg di hiperbolakan n dikurang kn untuk bacaan umum

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x payah nk cari dh...

Thursday, February 5, 2009 0 comments

Syukur..My treasure hunt was end, today. I already have all the books that needed. Database system (DS), business statistic (bstat), finance n my “favourite” subject, object-oriented programming (OOP). I found the bstas at the MPP stall that sell 2nd hand book, and luckily I bought it cheaper than the actual price. (klau x tercirit den). Now, I should maximize the usage of all the books. Ehm...or not I will waste all my money or I should say petronas money.

I know that all of u already struggling hard in ur studies n I’m totally jealous with all of u. But, maybe some people say we should study smart, not study hard. 4 me, I should study hard to achieve what ever I want by using da smartest ways.(or d dumbest ways) What I’m trying to say is, we not only depend on the smart ways, but still work hard on it. For example, the Japanese those work hard to build up their country. If u not agree with me it’s up 2 u. Everyone have their ways to achieve their dreams. I hope that all of us will get success in our life in dis world and hereafter....

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 2 comments

skrang dh week 3 kat u...tapi aku still blur playing around, watching movies, surfing..eish2 teruk2...ble time nk study, tgk note....3...2...1...ngantuk..pas2 tido..TERUK2.. skrang tgk main treasure hunt..carik buku.. skarng bru d 1 buku kat tangan. mane la nk korek plak...cian nyer kat aku..(ek..cian kat dri sndri pulak)...tapi perkara ini tidak bleh dibiarkan terus berlaku... pembaikan dan pemulihan harus d jalankan...jgn asyik makan tido je..bak kate org tua..sesal dulu pendaptan, sesal kemudian nangis x berlagu la jwb nyer. TERUK2..
marilah kite bersame2 berusaha untuk mencapai ape yg di inginkn...o.k, n ingat harus lah kite sayang menyayangi antra kite. jgn selalu buat senaman mulut..(umpat..kutuk n sekeluarga dgn nyer)..

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pic ari2...


nie gmbr show THOROH THEATRE SHOP(TTS) kat ipoh ari2..sori ckit je..hehe

wira-wira KERUSI -zul..zafran..n half

semua actors n actresses KERUSI

srisegala kerel n mas ayu-tasha

kat blah kiri skali safiq faliq, tgh 2 nik n kanan skali aku..yg jauh kat blakang 2 plak acap(1)..

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