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Ehm..I like to remember the past. The past build my present personality (whether other people like it or not).

Mase cute giler n fair…
I want to tell my memory when I still young. My parent work as government workers and quite busy (maybe). My siblings and I had sent to “opah” as our guardian since that we could not independent, yet. Early in the morning, our parent would ask us to wake up to sent us to opah’s house (ngantuk la..nak tito). Although, we do not have blood ties, we still fell that her family as ours. I still remember when I “helped” (actually disturbed) her in the kitchen to prepare meals. I also like to eat milo powders.(hbs milo kat umah opah 2). Every evening I would play the swing or watch my sisters play “pondok-pondok” (at the opah house). Their house like my hometown, have hen, goat, and big tree. Ghost? No la..Sometimes, opah and atuk would bring me to market to buy clothes or toys. I love them so much.
Did you remember the “Flashman” and “Maskman”?, that my favourites superheroes during that age. I also always tried to wake up early to watch Dragon Ball even Sailormoon. Haha..with the power of moon, I will punish you…
Not a lot of things that I still remember, but one thing about me that my mother had told me. I liked to play alone while everyone had slept at night. “eh, kamu main ngan sape 2?”. I quickly said to her,”tu….tu”..(eee takut nyer!!!)

Mase cute nyer…
When I was 6 years old, I went to kinder garden where not too far from my house. Sometimes, I would just walk to go there. There is the first place I started to learn academician stuffs. Not to bore because I still can play around with my friends and the important thing was no pressure. I also learned how to dance during that age as to be the representative for dance performances and competition. I didn’t realize that I able to dance. I also took part in sport competition inter-kinder garden in Kinta area.
One day, I played with my friends (main aci duduk) and suddenly, I pushed my friend’s head (with my intention). But, I accidently pushed it hard and his face we smash to the rock. Opss..sorry I really didn’t mean it. “nape ko cium batu 2 ?” I said to him as to cover up my mistake. (Now, I didn’t know why I could say it to him). “huhu..” the boy cried and all my friends put the blame on me. Alamak !! Panic!! Panic!! (but not panic in the disco). What I did, just enter backed to my class, and draw turtle. (What the strange boy??). The drama continued when our teacher knew what actually happened. The only thing in my mind I would be in the boiling water, if she told to my parent….ah…masak2. But, thank to Allah s.w.t that save my life, my parent didn’t know it (hehe….).
The students are not allowed bringing their toys to class. I accidently brought my toys (not Barbie doll, okay) in my school bag. “eh..main la kejap”. While I’m playing, my friend (or girlfriend???) saw it and want to play it. As a kind and “gentleboy” person, I gave it to my friend. Tada… my beloved teacher saw and it and…. You should know what will happen. Oh, my toy. Why you separated me from it?? How could you do it to me?? (what annoying words). The toy was the gift from my late-uncle. (as a cute boy, everyone want to give present to me) (mak ai.. perasan btol la bdk nie). The accident just kept in my secret box. After a few days, or weeks or even months (I couldn’t remember exacts time), I wanted to use the colour pencils and borrow it from my teacher. After used it, she asked me to keep in the drawers. Suddenly, I found my “diamond” that had been taken by pirate (my teacher). I was shocked, didn’t know what to do. Took it ( pas2 wat bodo je ) or not? Before I could make any decision, I heard very gentle voice, call my name ( just call my name, and be there). “cute boy, come here” , the teacher absolutely not said that. “ Asyraf, cepat kamu ke mari”, she called me to gather with the other students in front of the class continued to learn new stuffs. Until now, I still didn’t get my toy back.

Boring?? Okay, I admit it. But, this is I all about my true life. What to know more?? (tak nak?? Xpe2) ..wait for my the future post…

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Sunday, June 14, 2009 4 comments

Sudah lama x edit blog..skrang dh abis exam, bleh le d ckit mase utk citer2 kat cnie. Ehm..walaupun exam x cun mne. Tp syukurlah..kite dh wat yg terbaik mase exam 2. Sblum exam 2 mmg stress. Mase time 2 la berlonggok test n assignment. Maybe I should blame on me, procrastination..penyakit yg harus aku ubati. Byk paper gak aku hancur, benda yg aku dh ngat, mse exam tibe2 x ngat, aduh... Tekanan wat assignment yg paling teruk ialah mse time wat assigmnet project oop. Kne wat banking system, n group aku wat the simplest program. Mase time present, byk mistake n instructor 2 ckp yg program kitaorang x relate ngan real situation. Partner aku dh cuak tkut coursework dier rendah (pahadal cw dier tinggi gak). Dh 2 yg mmpu wat. Biase la wat mende last minutes mmg cm2. So, korang jgn la jd cm aku. Wat keje mst consistent tau lebih tepat lg istiqomah..perbaikan secara berterusan.. Tp, klau korang wat cm2 n berjaya, mmg skill korang kot. Semua org d keistimewaan masing2. Ehm..tunggu la pe la result aku nnt.

Pas exam, cbuk nk prepare untuk festival teater perak. So, kne la team aku pulun nk dpt no 1. Time 2 mmg busy, kne bangun awal cbb d fitness session, tingkat stamina…utk jd chat dan kuat. Kul 10 am plak start practice smpai kul 1++ pm. Kul 2 smbung blek smpai la asar. Mlm smbung blek, dlm kul 8 mlm. Penat x penat, itu soal kami, kami yg kne berlatih. LETIH NYER… tp kne la usaha kate nk menang. Smua org memerah keringat wat latihan..sronok gak tgk para pelakon handalan menunjukan kebolehan masing2 (aku x la terer cm depa, si kartun yg over). Pas latihan mlm, kitorang g mkn kat mamak stall…ble makan ramai2 bru d selera n bleh ‘pau’ org..hehe (gelak jahat tp cute)..
Dh hbs show, uhhh lega yer..smua org dh wat yg terbaik..walaupun d technical problem yg berlaku last2 minutes. X pe la..dh berlaku..tp show still cantek (applause 2 tuya yg dpt selesaikn nyer)..

Jeng..jeng..pas brape ari..result pun kluar..team kitaorg dpt no3. Dan berlaku la scene2 drama yg agak hambar dan menyedihkn. Ade para pelakon yg sedih cbb we didn’t get what we expected.. tp yg penting kite dh usaha kn…pe yg berlaku past d hkmah nyer. Aku plak 2 tau nk wat pe..nk sedih pun susah..x sedih pun susah..”eh, ko x sedih ke?” si atuk (tts member) tnye kat aku. “ntah!!” aku x tau nk wat reaction time 2 ( d masalah mental kot bdk nie)..
Rumah siap pahat berbunyi…walaupun festival teater perak dh berlalu…result yg diumumkn x memuaskan..dan berlaku lah beberapa bantahan dr pelbagai pihak..oleh 2, kite tgk la pe yg berlaku lepas nie…tungguuu..
Huhu..sedih, sebak dan pilu…bile nk pisah ngan budk2 tts..smua org bertolak balek umah n d yg kne intership…keje lek lok ye..klau d rezki leh jumpe lg..klau x de rezki mintak maaf byk2 klau terkasar bahasa dan tingkah laku…

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