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When you still in standard 1, when your teacher asked you, “what is your ambition?”. Ehm…what would you reply? Whether doctor, singer, scientists, policeman or superman? Every human standing on the Mother Nature have their own ambition although their already have their own occupation. But you will not get all, what you dream for.

Let my story begin. When I studied I primary school, I have a lot of ambitions. I want to be policeman, scientist, singer, artist….( too many that even I couldn’t remember all). Every year, my ambition will be changed. So bad ya!!! When I started my secondary school, I still didn’t have permanent ambition. When the teachers asked me, my mind already has answer skim,” sainstis cikgu !! ” Okay, when I wanted to further my studies for upper form, I faced my hard part when I had to choose my course to study. Ahhhh….I didn’t know!! Just let it be??? At last, I picked principle of accountancy (which I ranked it at last choice when I lower form). I rejected the course that related with biology because I didn’t want to be a doctor although my mother works as nurse (even now she still always nag to me because do not want be a doctor). I’m not too brave with blood. Okay, while I was form 5, I taken Art as my additional subject. Since of that, I put my aim to be an architect. I really like art although I’m not ‘pro’ on it.

After SPM, I further my studies in Matriculation College. I changed back ambition to accountant because I took principle of accountancy course (that the only course that really related with my SPM result). Ehm..after that I enter the university. “Business Information System”, my course now. What should I be? How about businessman? What should I sell? Carpet, perhaps. I don’t know about my future. But, I believe that I should work hard and do my best.

“If I can’t be the star in the sky, I still can’t be diamond on the land or even pearl in the sea”

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